About News Stock!

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The name itself indicates that we stock all the news that is telecasted all over the country. We have our own monitoring sources keeping every second’s track and record of the news aired on every news channel. We are established since 2005 in Mumbai and operate and account for all the regional and established news channels all over India.

We have a network of more than 100 channels and its complete live statistics. We provide the exact stats for the no of times the advertisements of our client flashed in the day and at what times.

Who are we? & What we do?

We are not like any ordinary News monitors available in India. We deal into time management and therefore deliver the demand online within a couple of working hours.

We have the most impeccably designed website that helps the user to get the most of search results with simple words making it more users friendly. Moreover we have an easy accessibility from anywhere throughout the globe, both download and also search.

Services we offer

In today’s ERA, what is recalled in the minds of the end consumer is the only thing that is sold. Especially in the cases of high tech brands, who’s only ‘MANTRA’ is to create a brand recall are on expending a big time on advertising. Therefore to urge the increasing need and requirement, we keep a track of the no of times the advertisement is screened and its timings.

We provide a detailed report on the branding and coverage gained on viewing the brand. On customized request we also track their ratings at different times (prime spots & non prime spots) of the day. With over more than 100 channels in bag, we sure are the best option to be approached for brand awareness and building.


We are unique as we deliver the ordered clipping within the shortest time gap and that too HD Quality, thus suiting the exact requirement of the client.

Along with this we also expertise in providing an up to date stat’s report to our clients prepared by all our professional employees. These reports bare no copy paste work in any form and are purely a handmade analysis. We assure completion of work well before time along with a guaranteed client satisfaction.

Online Delivery link for one time download

We believe in instant work and client satisfaction. Living in this era of acute competition, we realize how important time factor is for each client. We solve this problem with the fastest yet apt solution. We are proud of providing the delivery online within mere calculation of hours.

We provide our clients with one time download link, where in the client can login at their own convenience and download the ordered file and clips. Thus making it more users friendly and understanding their urgency at times.

With the growth and advancement need, we established our self on 2005. We believe in qualified Quality work and therefore restrict the number of entries to News Stock Family. That is the only reason why you shall not find any family member of News Stock sitting idle or entertaining them. We have now enlarged our family to more than 50 members.

Just the way it is expected in any ordinary family, we to believe and telecast the best performance in team work and justify it by mutual understandings amongst us.